Book Fetish: Volume 206

Enamel pins seem to be all the rage these days. Represent your literary flair with these bookish enamel pins.

Readers Gonna Read Enamel Pin: Gold and black with stars on the cover? So stylish.

readers gonna read enamel pin


Same Old Story Enamel Pin: For fans of those books that speak to universal truths.

same old story enamel pin


A Wrinkle in Time Enamel Pin: Jane Mount has designed several bookish pins, but my hands down favorite is this one inspired by the 80s paperback, because Mrs. Whatsit as a pegasus/centaur.

A Wrinkle in Time Enamel Pin


The Hand Book Enamel Pin: This one seems kind of horcrux-y to me, perhaps inspired by Tom Riddle’s journal?

The Hand Book enamel pin


Sylvia Plath Enamel Pin: This artist features a few other authors, but I love the way the shading on the enamel captures Plath’s face – in fact, she seems to be throwing some serious shade.

Syvia Plath enamel pin


Book of Knowledge Enamel Pin: Perfect for nonfiction fans.

Book of Knowledge Enamel Pin


Edward Gorey Enamel Pin: Cats. Books. Perfect.Edward Gorey cat and book enamel pin


Reading Rambo Enamel Pin: There are no words for this mash-up.

Reading Rambo

Night Owl Book Club Enamel Pin:  Stay up late reading every night? This is the pin for you.Night Owl Book Club


Always Hungry for More Enamel Pin: This would look really great on a collar next to a pineapple, a slice of pizza, and a taco enamel pin(seriously coveting the Snape one from this shop, too).always hungry for more books enamel pin


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