11 Books to Help You “Adult”: Today in Critical Linking

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What is this “adulting” business anyway?

Fun, informative list from The Strand: 11 Books to Help You “Adult”

Earlier this week, CNET published the first installment of a new scifi novel, Crowd Control: Heaven Makes a Killing. What makes the work unique is that it was crowdsourced exclusively through CNET readers, and is, according to CNET, the world’s first massively multiwriter online science fiction novel.

Interesting that only part of the creation process here that was done offline and without crowd input was editing stage.

Beginning July 1, HarperCollins will start a New Store Development program for U.S. independent booksellers who are opening new stores or expanding to additional locations.

This seems super smart to me. Perhaps the best hedge against Amazon is supporting those book outlets that do things that Amazon cannot do. At least not yet.

Earlier this week, one of the best websites for the science fiction and fantasy community announced that they were shutting down: SF Signal. Founded by John DeNardo and JP Frantz in 2003, the website has been updated daily ever since, posting thousands of reviews for books, comics and movies, while also providing an indispensable morning briefing post on articles, reviews and news from the fan community.

I’ve been following SF Signal for a long time. Sorry to see it go.

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