Watch Skydivers Play Quidditch: Today in Critical Linking

Colombian telecommunications company ETB made a viral video of six skydivers leaping out of an airplane to play a very short game of Quidditch. They were equipped with broomsticks, a Quaffle, and one goal (instead of three standing hoops).

I can’t decide. Is Quidditch skydiving more a Ravenclaw idea or a Slytherin one?


Andrew Michael Hurley’s slice of Lancashire-set gothic horror The Loney has beaten some of the year’s biggest-hitting novels to be named book of the year at the British Book Industry awards.

Boy, I have heard absolutely nothing about this book stateside. Kinda fun to be this surprised.


The researchers believe that a person’s perspective on Fifty Shades of Grey says more about their personality than it does about the quality of the books: According to the study, the more you like the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, the more sexist you are.

This study might be true, but it also seems to me that the more you complain about people reading romance novels, the more sexist you are.


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