10 Unusual Words about Books and Reading: Today in Critical Linking

We love to collect interesting words, especially those related to literature, reading, and other such things. Indeed, since the stuff of literature is words, we love to delve into the wonderful world of the lexical. Here are ten of the best literary words we’ve encountered recently.

Only someone truly omnilegent would know all of these 10 Unusual Words about Books and Reading.

With an investment upward of $100,000, The Bookmark is partnering with book publishing company Penguin Random House to launch its second bookstore at the Plaza Carolina shopping center in the municipality of Carolina.

It’s unclear of the bookstore will carry more PRH titles than they would normally, but this clearly is a new direction for PRH.

Bloomsbury will publish a young adult anthology entitled Because You Love to Hate Me. This villain-themed anthology will feature short stories and writing prompts/essays from established authors and book-themed video bloggers (a.k.a. booktubers).

Booktube now seems more influential than the book blogosphere itself.

Our popular Giveaways program now includes Kindle ebook giveaways. Starting today, U.S. members can enter to win Kindle ebooks, and the winners will get their copies downloaded instantly to their favorite device—no more waiting for the mailman to hurry up and make the delivery. 

I am surprised it took this long.

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