15 Classics You Probably Haven’t Read…But Should. Today in Critical Linking

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But what about those classics that have been sitting in your to-read pile for years? You know, those books that were too long, too heavy, or just too boring slow that you haven’t gotten around to reading them.

I’m 10/15 of this list of 15 Classics You Probably Haven’t Read, But Should.

A lot of writers who know that editors and agents think of their bodies as “hard to look at” knew what that sentence means for them and what they can expect in trying to get published.

It shouldn’t matter what you look like to get published. Maybe someday it won’t.

Even more so though, I miss giving young girls comics about themselves, or moms comics for their kids who are reluctant readers, or excited dudes awesome new series to enjoy. When someone came back with a, “THAT WAS AWESOME. Have any other suggestions?” I could say, “Well, yes, yes I do.  Have you read Captain Marvel? NO! Well, boy, life is about to get better for you.” That feeling? That feeling can’t be beat. And now with all these new amazing comics, I miss the opportunity to hand-sell.

Bookselling as micro-advocacy is a sometimes overlooked part of the books and publishing world.

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