Off-Panel: 11 of the Sexiest Scenes in Comic Books

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“There have been so many misconceptions about Inuit for a long, long time, ever since people started writing about us, that we just lie around and wait until we’re hungry again and go get another (seal),” said Kusugak. “A simple, hand-to-mouth existence. It’s not true. It’s never been true. I thought it was time we started producing things that tell you what it really feels like to be there.”

Arctic Comics is being revived for the first time in 30 years.

The original drawings of the last two pages of a 1930s Tintin comic book sold Saturday for €1.05 million ($1.2 million) at an auction in Paris.

TWO PAGES of Tintin net over a million dollars. I can’t even.

“It is my hope that this project inspires another generation of young people to learn the way of peace, the way of love, the way of nonviolence,” said Congressman John Lewis. Co-author Andrew Aydin added: “I’m honored and excited to see MARCH grow in this new way.” And Nate Powell, whose Book Two illustrations were recognized with an Eisner nomination, said: “A universal chord rings true at the heart of MARCH — young people working to shape the very fabric of our society, on their own terms.”

March is going to be an animated series, you guys!

The “Bone: Coda” graphic novel will come with a newly-illustrated and complete “Bone” companion written by Stephen Weiner. The OGN will also include behind-the-scenes photos as well as information from Smith about the making of the series and an afterword by the author.

New. Bone. This is not a drill.

We’ve re-explored some of our favorite sexy graphics novels and comics in search of well-crafted, complex scenes that feel sensual, titillating or curiously intimate upon re-reading with those rules in mind. Our research took us from DC superhero comics into fantasy, sci-fi, French language comics involving furries and across titles hailed by critics as serious, intellectual graphic fiction. Every example in this list, of a sexy scene lifted from a comic book, is about sex, as Benedict says, “but also something else.”

Inverse gets super steamy with 11 of the sexiest scenes in comic books.