16 Underrated Books That Deserve Your Attention: Today in Critical Linking

Last week we asked on Facebook and Twitter: What’s an underrated book you think everyone should read? Check out the top answers below! 

I’ve linked to similar lists before, but I always find lists like this 16 Underrated Books That Deserve Your Attention impossible not to click.


The impact of purely listening to books is striking. Two notable findings are that students using Tales2go attained 58% of the annual expected gain in reading achievement in just 10 weeks, putting them three months ahead of control students. Plus, the study group outperformed the control group across all measures, by three times in reading comprehension, nearly seven times in second-grade vocabulary, and nearly four times in reading motivation. 

A new study suggests that listening to books might be able to boost literacy education.

Like Seamus, Khalid is a library orderly – and seems very proud of his role. He is keen to explain to me how it all works; later, he takes me to his cell to show me how the details for the next book club are announced on the prison intranet. Why does Khalid like reading so much? Well, he’s “banged up” in his cell from six o’clock every evening: “But you pick up a book, and the next thing you know it’s 10 o’clock. For that time, when I’m reading, I don’t think I’m in prison.”

Tales from visiting a prison library.

Data-driven publisher Inkitt announced today that it is partnering with Tor Books to, according to a press release, “release the first novel selected by an algorithm for publishing.”

Bright Star, a young adult novel by Erin Swan, was discovered using predictive data that analyzed reading patterns on the platform. The novel is expected to be released in summer 2017.

I don’t have great expectations for this working, but I am certainly interested to see what happens.

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