The List List #9: Brilliant People of Color Changing the Face of Comics

Our weekly roundup of the best comics-ish lists floating around the Internet.

from BGD, How these Brilliant People of Color Are Changing the Face of Comics

from ComicsAlliance, If You Love Watching Supergirl, Read These Comics Next

from IGN, 5 Spider-Man Comics the Homecoming Movie Could Adapt

from Inverse, 8 Great Comics about Sex, from Saga to Starfire

from Blastr, 10 of the Best All New, All Different Marvel Comics to Check Out Post-Relaunch

from CBR, 6 Marvel Villains for Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming

from Paste Magazine, The Best Comic Book Covers of April 2016

from Comics Nexus, Top 3 DC Rebirth Recent Reveals (Spoilers!)

from MoviePilot, 3 Comics that Could Become the Next Big Marvel TV Series

from PPcorn, The Top 9 Best-Selling Comic Books of All Time

from ComicsAlliance, 12 Facts You May Not Have Known about Deadshot

from Inverse, 10 Best Sci-fi Comics You Can Read Right Now



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