6 Books That Will Definitely Creep You Out: Today in Critical Linking

Signature is honoring the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death with original illustrations, author contributions, and more. Check out our article pairing 2016 Presidential candidates with the Shakespeare characters they most resemble, with politicos from Ben Carson to Bernie Sanders to Mr. Drumpf himself in the roles they were born to play.


Below, we’ve collected our favorite spine-tingling reads, but be warned: these books are guaranteed to keep you from a peaceful night’s sleep! If you like your books to leave you in a cold sweat, read on to see our selections.

This is the internet, so you won’t be able to hide this list of 6 Books That Will Give You the Creeps in the freezer.

Burman’s project this year entails painting poems by local students in letters 40 feet high onto the rooftops of two buildings that sit in the flight paths of planes landing and taking off at Miami International Airport.

Gives a new meaning to “concrete” poetry.

Marilynne Robinson’s novels and essays manage to be serious without being solemn. They exude a sense of sensuous feeling but also rigorous thinking. She is concerned with how we should live, with the idea of the world as a sort of gift to us, which requires us to notice what we have been offered, and to study it, to appreciate it and to dramatize its textures and contours.

Robinson is one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People. Other writers included: Tah-nehisi Coates and Elena Ferrante.

Our intent, then, is to be as true as possible without making the disingenuous assumption or implication that we know the full and particular experience of these women. Or, to quote Hélène, our hope it to tell a story, not THE story. That’s a tricky rope to walk, but I’m hopeful that it’s something that will enrich the final product. Writing a little outside our own experience, while adding much of our own, has made for a more thoughtful process, and in the end, it’s not another story about a white guy and his problems. 

The case for writing inclusively from the center.

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