Off-Panel: The 8 Best Comics About Sex

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The adventures of Captain Jack Harkness, the alien-hunting hero of Doctor Whospin-off Torchwood, are to be continued in comic form by the actor who played him, John Barrowman.

Anglophile nerds, this is our moment.

In Dark Horse Comics’ upcoming series Dept. H, a woman named Mia finds that out firsthand as she travels to a remote undersea research station to investigate a murder. It debuts on April 27 and it’s an Agatha Christie-esque, locked-room mystery: Since only a handful of people work down there and you can’t exactly run too far from the crime scene, the culprit must still be lurking nearby. The story is as high-pressure as a deep-sea diving suit.

This news made me irrationally angry, because everyone knows there’s only room for one Department H in comics (and YES, Swapna, this is an Alpha Flight reference, it has literally been months since my last one, leave me alone).

February 2016 saw a huge dip for both DC and Marvel as far as female creators on titles. Let’s see how this shook out for each publisher, shall we?

Life in comics: I’m literally going to be tired and angry forever.

His actual work in the debut issue of Black Panther, though, illustrates the learning curve of seamlessly coordinating words and images. In the issue (which is admittedly of a higher quality than most first-time comics writers produce), he demonstrates a capability with narrative, but a timidity with the comics form. But in many other respects, he does shockingly well.

This review of Black Panther suggests it is more prose than comic. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.

We’ve compiled a list of ongoing comics that represent sexuality well on paper — although a couple now-defunct titles snuck into the ranking too. You’ll notice Gilbert Hernandez’s upcoming Garden of Flesh isn’t mentioned yet, but come July, Fantagraphics will likely have a sexy, shocking hit on their hands.

The only thing imperfect about this list of the 8 Best Comics about Sex is that Panels didn’t think of it first.

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