The 25 Most Addictive Books of the Last 25 Years: Today in Critical Linking

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Here they are, in no particular order: the books we passed on to our closest friends, fought over at book club, lugged with us on every move and think about still.

Clear your schedules before you browse this list of the 25 Most Addictive Novels of the Last 25 Years.

The petition includes 32 bookstores from Corolla to Sylva, including the Triangle’s Quail Ridge Books, Regulator Bookshop, Flyleaf Books and McIntyre’s Fine Books. Publishers Algonquin Books and Eno Publishers also signed.

The North Carolina book world is mobilizing to oppose House Bill 2. 

Instead of sirens, pedestrians everywhere will soon hear Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic tale of sin, hypocrisy, and redemption every time an ambulance comes racing down the street. Even those vehicles dispatched as part of general response protocol for small fires and nursing home scares will blare the story, inspiring the next generation of American readers.

Judging by my own high school experience, blaring The Scarlet Letter is more likely to put drivers to sleep.

At a ceremony in Barbican Theatre attended by more than 1,000 people to honour Sir Terry, who died after battling Alzheimer’s in March last year, Wilkins also revealed Neil Gaiman would be writing an adaptation of his book with Pratchett Good Omens (Corgi) for the television screen, on Pratchett’s request.

Oh now this should be good.

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