9 Books to Read If You Have Anxiety: Today in Critical Linking

If you’re struggling with anxiety and in need of some fantastic self-help, or even just escape-worthy books, here are nine great ones to consider picking up.

This is not something I have much experience with, but I thought I’d like to this list of 9 Books to Read if You Have Anxiety because I know others do.


A hardcover edition of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s celebrated musical about Alexander Hamilton was published Tuesday and topped Amazon.com’s best-seller list. It features the libretto and photographs and accounts of the show’s creation.

“Hamilton: The Revolution” is out of stock on Amazon, with an expected wait of nine to 12 days for a copy.

Hamilton is a freight-train right now.

What happened was Kelly Sue signed my copy of the first trade paperback of Captain Marvel with the words “You are part of our tribe, one of the chosen people, punching holes in the sky.” Now, sure, at the time that was probably just a reference to the Carol Corps, but it meant so much more to me. It was acceptance.

Meeting an artist you admire is one thing. Feeling accepted by them is another thing entirely.

The Canada-based e-reading company has released a report on digital reading habits, which has found that over three-quarters of the most prolific digital readers – meaning those who read for more than 30 minutes a day- are aged 45 and above. Of those people, the largest single group (30%) comprised of those aged 55 to 64.

This matches pretty well with what I have seen. The hardest core ereaders I know fall into this age group. I really have no idea why, though.

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