9 Websites for People Who Think About Books Every Day: Today in Critical Linking

As someone who spends literally all day on the literary web, here are my top recommendations for sites that readers and writers will adore.

Terribly unobjective position: I think this list of 9 Websites for People Who Think About Books Everyday is A-OK.


Since then, Ms. Witherspoon has emerged as one of the most influential literary tastemakers in Hollywood. Her regular book recommendations on Instagram send Amazon rankings soaring. At a time when book adaptations remain a crucial segment of the film industry, Pacific Standard is an increasingly important player in the book-to-screen business.

Really enjoying the process of watching Reese Witherspoon be this generation’s Harvey Weinstein. But a heckuva lot more charming.


To celebrate this launch, for the first time ever, we’re producing entirely custom Litographs, exclusive to Kickstarter. We’ve always wanted to print your words, and now each and every backer will be able to wear their own unique text.

Prettttttty cool.


Because of HB2, authors are cancelling events at our store. Sherman Alexie is the first to cancel an event we’d scheduled in May. Although we very much respect the reason he cancelled, the result is that we have lost an opportunity to connect this charismatic, inspiring author with those young readers who were going to see him on school visits. We also lost the opportunity to host him at a large venue, which would have connected him with fans in a city that stands with him and could have used his support. Our event could have served as a platform to address an audience that would be empowered by his outrage. We lost all these opportunities, and we are suffering financially because we anticipated selling 300-500 copies of his newest book, Thunder Boy, Jr.

On the one hand, I can sympathize with this position. On the other hand, I care more about the transgender people being actively persecuted.


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