Book Fetish: Volume 201

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Hamilton Musical ‘Eliza’ Bookmark:  Hamilton is naturally a bookish musical, but any excuse we can get to buy ALL the accessories, we’ll take. Especially if it’s in bookmark form.

eliza hamilton musical bookmark

LiliLite Bookshelf/Booklight/Bookmark: Consider this the smartest book accessory you’ll ever find. With a censor that turns the light on and off as you take your book off and on the peak (that also holds your spot), you’ll want a house full of these.

lililite on off
Pride & Prejudice Page Flags: Mr. Darcy is really the best way to keep track of important passages. Obviously.

P&P character page flags

Another Book Shirt: Hashtag ReaderProblems.

I buy another book shirt

Toni Morrison Beloved Mug: Forget fortune cookies. ToMo is the only truth-teller you need.

toni morrison beloved mug

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