People Who Are Making (and Eating) Food From Books

I’ve never wanted some crusty bread, half a sausage, some hard cheese, and a few apples as much as when reading like any fantasy novel ever. And I don’t think I would even LIKE suckling pig, but Victorian novels have me believing otherwise (I would for sure like blancmange, though). Food in books always sounds AMAZING; I bet it’s the adjectives.

Novels got your appetite piqued? There are people out there cooking up specific foods from specific books and I want to come to their parties.

Cara Nicoletti has parleyed her blog into a book that people seem to like, but if you don’t want to bother putting on pants to go to the library, HER BLOG ALSO STILL EXISTS AND HAS PICTURES. She writes intelligently about literature and also makes these spice cookies from Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

shirley jackson spice cookiesphoto credit

Also, omg she makes a pig’s head terrine, inspired by The Lord of the Flies and that is a good and horrifying joke. (Uhhhhhh trigger warning but a pig’s head is, like, COMPLETELY FLAYED in this post and there are hella photos.)

Lifestyle blogger (do we have a better word for this yet? No? Damn.) Sarah von Bargen of Yes and Yes has a series called Read//Eat that I feel is fairly self explanatory. Who wants to make frozen butterbeer for the summer? YOU do.

frozen butterbeer yes and yesPhoto credit

Or perhaps it is still winter where you are (I am), in which case the chicken Frito pie that Shawna makes up for Nick after Amy disappears in Gone Girl might be more seasonally appropriate, and also looks within both my skill set and wheelhouse.

chicken frito pie gone girlPhoto credit

Food in Literature is what it says on the tin. So maybe you’re reading The Jungle Book and decide that YOU would like some bare necessities (is that just the Disney? Showing my ignorance here) but as you are not a bear, you’ll take your paw paws in a refreshing salad.

the-jungle-book-pawpaw-salad-recipePhoto credit

She also has, frankly, a SHIT TON of Willy Wonka foods. I’ve always wanted a Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight, and now I can make my own.

The Little Library Café has a host of recipes and INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHY. Look at this kofta, pickle and naan from The Kite Runner and tell me you don’t want it bad.

kofta pickle naan kite runnerPhoto credit

And I never got around to Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood but these pop cakes have my eye. I feel that I, like Fanny, would be greedy and take for myself at LEAST seven.

pop cakes enchanted woodPhoto credit

Who’s making the best food from the best books in your corner of the eaternet?

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