7 Empowering Books Every Woman Should Read Before Turning 30: Today in Critical Linking

In two years I will hit the big 3-0, and I have no clue of what’s ahead of me. But, with advice from women who triumphed and reached impressive heights of success, I feel more empowered to live, dream and grow into my own with every passing year.

Here’s a little secret about this list of 7 Empowering Books Every Woman Should Read Before Turning 30: they are also great after 30. And you don’t have to be a woman to learn something from them.


School Library Journal released the letter, titled “An Open Letter To Our North Carolina Readers.” It says that the 269 authors and illustrators who signed “will not support a state government that promotes discrimination” and “will have to consider our participation in conferences and festivals in North Carolina while this law is in place.”

Well done. Here’s hoping folks in North Carolina are listening.

I’m most in awe of novelists, who move sets, lights, scenery, and act out all the parts in your mind for you. My kind of writing requires collaboration with others to truly ignite. But I think of Dickens, or Cervantes, or Márquez, or Morrison, and I can describe to you the worlds they paint and inhabit.

Too bad Lin-Manuel Miranda is so hard to like.

A prequel to Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling sequence of Outlander novels will be published on Friday.

This is big news for Outlander fans.


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