20 Great Books for Writers: Today in Critical Linking

My favorite books on getting published

From the ultra-practical (agents and self-marketing) to the inspirational (you can do it), this list of 20 Great Books for Writers is as comprehensive as you are going to find.

Like the Newton competition, the national contest celebrates book collectors whose treasure troves are organized around a clear theme. A panel evaluates “the intrinsic significance, innovation and interest of book collections as presented in entrants’ descriptive essays and bibliographies.” That’s right—it’s not enough to amass books to enter the competition. Rather, you have to demonstrate your bookish chops with a bibliography that shows how well you understand your collection and how it fits into the wider world.

My kinda nerds.

So, in 2009, the library hired Leah Esguerra, who is believed to be the nation’s first psychiatric social worker to be employed full time at a library, SFGate reported. Since the program started, about 150 homeless people have received permanent housing, and another 800 have enrolled in social and mental health services, according to PBS.

So glad to see that efforts to serve homeless people at libraries seem to work.

And that’s how the researchers found that introverts were more likely than extroverts to rate people as poor potential housemates if their spelling or grammar was bad. There were other findings – agreeable people, perhaps unsurprisingly, were easygoing when it came to grammos. Conscientious people tended to see typos as a problem. Levels of neuroticism, oddly enough, didn’t predict any kind of penchant for pet peeves.

Huh. The theory is that introverts don’t do as well with variability, hence a greater aggregate negative reaction to typos.

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