Off-Pawnel: All the Cat-Related News That’s Fit to Print

Welcome to Off-Pawnel, your weekly digest of cat news, from the litter box and beyond.

To find out whether the miaow varies from place to place, Schötz and her team are recruiting cats and their owners from Lund in southern Sweden and from Stockholm more than 300 miles to the north. People from Lund and Stockholm have different regional accents – the question is, do the cats too?

New research hopes to identify if cats have regional accents (meow, eh?).

In the 13th century, Pope Gregory IX declared them evil and worthy of death, which led to their widespread killing. More recently, they’ve been accused of killing off U.S. birds and other wildlife.

Now there’s this: Cats are linked to road rage.

Here at Pawnels, we’re getting pretty sick of the anti-cat bias in mainstream media.

When an elderly man fell and knocked his head, the last thing he expected was his two pet cats to come to his aid.

See? Cat ownership could save your life.

Many psychologists subscribe to the theory that all people have five broad personality traits, known as the “Big Five”: extraversion, agreeableness, openness to experience, conscientiousness and neuroticism. And cats, the team at the University of South Australia has found, have their own Big Five.

Now your cat, too, can be confined by the expectations of personality typing.

Jane said: “I rehome about 150 cats a year and have taken in over 3,000 cats over the years I have been doing it, so it’s no wonder I’m always worn out.

“The cats have a Sky TV room, bedrooms and even a front lounge. We also have a galley with all mod cons in it and a kettle – it’s like a hotel, you might call it the Meow-maison.

“I once walked into the TV room and was surprised to see all the cats sat in front of the television watching 101 Dalmations – they liked watching Rick Stein cooking fish as well.”