50 Books Every Modern Teenager Should Read: Today in Critical Linking

From old books to brand-new ones, from YA to poetry, from sci-fi to nonfiction, here are 50 books every modern teenager (and many modern adults) should read.

I like the mix of YA and decidedly adult books on this list of 50 Books Every Modern Teenager Should Read.


The Bible is on its way to becoming the official book of Tennessee, at least if many of the state’s senators have their way. Leaders of the Tennessee Senate have reportedly said they expect the bill to soon pass, despite their opposition

Why no this doesn’t at all seem like a terrible idea.

Romance publisher Harlequin has formed a creative partnership with A+E Networks to produce a series of original scripted movies, web series, books and digital content.

Dear lord is this smart.

When I first started doing comics, I had a really hard time keeping my characters consistent. My characters would slowly evolve as I drew.  By the time I got to the last page, they would look completely different from how they were on the first page. It drove me crazy.

Ever wondered how comics artists keep their characters looking the same panel to panel and page to page?

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