25 Great Escapist Novels: Today in Critical Linking

CNN got you down? Fox News just too much? I feel you, man. The American political news cycle is off-the-charts crazy right now, and it all makes me want to get under the covers and hide, or possibly run away. Preferably with something to read. 

Have to say, diving into a diverting book might be more attractive now than it ever has been, so here are 25 Great Escapist Books to get you through November. And beyond.


Their accusations, collected and published anonymously by the advocacy organization VIDA, sent the administration and many students at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop into private crisis. The program has a history of male poets becoming involved with students; a repetition of that history—let alone a worse version of it—wouldn’t do. Immediately after the VIDA post, Ellis’s classes were canceled, and by the time spring break was over, the week after the post went up, he’d been unofficially replaced.

There are many layers to sexism in publishing (and every other industry), and this effort to protect women from predatory men is a response to that. A messy response, but a response to a genuine problem.

The bright blue bookmobile, which hit the road this week, is a roving offshoot of Parnassus Books, a popular independent bookstore. It will roam around town, stopping at food truck rallies, farmers’ markets and outside restaurants.

Smart solution to the “fixed location” problem of bookstores.

The Voynich Manuscript—a soft-bound, 240-page volume—has baffled cryptanalysts, linguists, computer scientists, physicists, historians, and academics since it was rediscovered in the early 20th century. To date, no one has deciphered it, and no one knows why it was made. Experts don’t know what to make of it: is it a cipher, a code, a long-lost language?

Part of me hopes this, the most secretive book in the world, is an elaborate prank.

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