14 Mind-Bending Psychological Thrillers: Today in Critical Linking

We love psychological thrillers for a whole host of interesting reasons: we’re drawn to the mysteries they include; the characters’ minds we can wrap ourselves into or stare at from the outside, horrified; the sense of insecurity we have when reading them, never quite sure what’s on the next page or around the next corner

Ishiguro’s When We Were Orphans, included on this list of 14 Mind-Bending Psychological Thrillers, has stayed with me years after reading it.

But unfortunately, more and more respected doctors, despite their good intentions, are complicit with the publishing industry in confusing science and obscuring hard truths about obesity to sell diet books. It’s one thing when actress Gwyneth Paltrow tells people to avoid “nightshade vegetables” on an elimination diet, and quite another when a highly trained and credentialed physician sells a weight loss lie.

Someday, someone is going to get sued for something like this.

Jim Harrison, whose lust for life — and sometimes just plain lust — roared into print in a vast, celebrated body of fiction, poetry and essays that with ardent abandon explored the natural world, the life of the mind and the pleasures of the flesh, died on Saturday at his home in Patagonia, Ariz. He was 78.

Lived and and wrote with abandon. 

Allegiant is only the most recent young adult science fiction effort to nosedive at the box office. One of the first to fail was The Host, led by Saoirse Ronan and based on Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s futuristic romance about an Earth beset by bodysnatching (yet occasionally benevolent) aliens. Then came this year’s The Fifth Wave, with Kick Ass’s Chloë Moretz as a young woman searching for her brother in the aftermath of a devastating extraterrestrial invasion. Both were based on bestselling literary sagas, both simply failed to translate to the big screen.

It’s the apocalypse for dystopian film adaptations.

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