25 Amazing New Books for Spring and More in Today’s Critical Linking

Spring is here, and the first warm rays of the sun are finally loosening the country from winter’s death grip. You could go outside to celebrate, but why not hide from seasonal allergens instead by staying inside with a book? The non-fiction titles below, hand-picked by mental_floss staff, are smart looks at history, science, language, culture and more. And if you really have to, you could probably take one to the park.

A pile of non-fiction to look forward to this spring. I love lists like this.


So, you want to host an unforgettable book club meeting, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry — we’ve all been there. For all of us avid readers of the world, book clubs can be an excellent way to learn about different novels, authors, and genres, as well as meet people who share our hobbies and interests. However, finding a good book club is definitely a challenge, and hosting one is even tougher.

That being said, it’s an endeavor well worth the challenge. There are countless reasons why every woman should join a book club: you get to talk about booksand socialize, you get to read books you probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise, you get to drink booze while chatting about themes and characters, you get to meet other book lovers, and, best of all, you get to have a lot of fun doing what you love. So if you want to participate in the joy of a book club but don’t know where to start, there some easy hacks for throwing an unforgettable book club meeting. I chatted with Amazon’s Senior Books Editor, Adrian Liang, to get her tips for throwing a book club that will thrill newbies and veterans alike.

Six tips to host a killer book club. Good ideas.


Okay has become one of the more versatile words in the English Language—as used today, it can mean everything from “just fantastic” to “out of bodily danger.” But in its early days, the standby was just a dumb joke.

Dumb jokes sometimes last the longest.


Independent bookstores are more than an ode to nostalgia and much-needed tactility — they also often boast the smartest literati as shopkeepers and the most inviting (and weather-proofed) hangouts you can find in/around Philly. So the next time your eyes start to blur after thumbing your four-inch screen for a couple hours, you can come up for air and head to one of these 15 brick-and-mortar independent bookstores. 

Needless Kindle hate and silly cliches aside, a really great look at a bunch of indie bookstores in Philadelphia.


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