The Week’s Most Popular Posts: March 21 – 25, 2016

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Let’s dig in to the most popular posts this week on Panels:

Either way, the effect is the same: no Jessica Jones unless Bendis writes her, and right now he isn’t writing her (though there have been hints he intends to get back to her eventually).

In the meantime, one of Marvel’s most popular female heroes is left without her own book. This wouldn’t be a problem per se, if Jessica were being used well elsewhere. Post-The Pulse, Jessica appeared regularly in Bendis’s New Avengers, and she has since appeared in The Mighty Avengers and Power Man and Iron Fist. But, without a series of her own, something insidious has happened to Jessica: she has been decidedly mommy tracked.

from It’s Time to Take JESSICA JONES Off The Mommy Track by Charles Paul Hoffman


I was never looking forward to Batman v Superman. I don’t say that because it’s “cool” to hate on the movie, I say that because dark and gritty has never been my jam, and I’m kind of dreading Captain America: Civil War for doing a similar thing—pitting superheroes against one another. I know it’s inevitable that it’ll happen in comics (and by extension, comic book movies), but it’s not a trope I enjoy. Batman v Superman was never going to thrill me, but it wasn’t supposed to. I’m not really the target audience for this, and I’m okay with that.

But then the reviews started coming in. And they are almost universally bad. LikeREALLY BAD. At the time of this writing, Batman v Superman‘s score on Rotten Tomatoes is—oof—39% [edit: At the time of publication, it’s at 33% percent. YEESH.].

And I have to admit. I’m disappointed.

from Confession: BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN’s Reviews Make Me Sad by Swapna Krishna


I’ve talked before about how to set up a pull list (traditionally, a subscription service for comics that your local comic shop handles for you). In fact I’ve done it on video. But I know that setting up a pull list can be a really daunting task, and the more anxious among us like having a thing they can look at on paper, a step-by-step guide to know what to expect and how to handle it. Enter this guide! A note: This is aimed at print pulls only; if you use a digital service like Comixology, well hurrah!

from A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up A Pull List by Swapna Krishna


But for those of us who love creepy allegories about religion and the things that solitude and sacrifice can do to a family, The Witch was pretty much a perfect film. The mystery! The suspense! That one goat! The fact that the posters spell it The VVitch! If you loved it, too, and were left wanting more, these comics might just be perfect for you.

from 5 Comics to Read If You Loved THE WITCH by Hilary Lawlor


A question I get surprisingly often from people new to comics or unfamiliar with comics culture is, “What do you actually do at comic-cons?” In the latest Adventures of a Comic Book Newbie video, I try to answer that question.

from What Do I Do at Comic-Cons? by Swapna Krishna


Wonder Woman Umbrella


from It’s Spring: Get Yourself A Comics-Themed Umbrella by Emily Wenstrom

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