19 Incredible Books You Need to Read This Spring: Today in Critical Linking

~Spring~ into reading a new book!

Spring is here, so check out these 19 Incredible Books You Need to Read This Spring.

A branch of Oxfam in Swansea has asked donors to bring ‘less Fifty Shades and more 60s vinyl’. Are Britain’s charity shops stuffed with more bestselling soft porn than they know what to do with?

I’ve noticed that used bookstores are positively crammed with 50 Shades copies.

Vinith Misra, a research staff member for IBM Watson, fed the supercomputer text from the “Harry Potter” books and movies to see if it could catch any differences between the two.

Not sure that you needed a computer to catch the differences, but the results are interesting nonetheless.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced on Tuesday that it was collaborating with Mr. Munroe to incorporate parts of “Thing Explainer” into the next editions of its high school chemistry, biology and physics textbooks, to be published this summer.

This is such a good idea.

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