Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Spring Preview: Today in Critical Linking

Now that the weather is warming up, we’re itching to take a trip. Nowhere fancy—we’d be happy just hitting the park and curling up with any of these must-read novels.

10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to look forward to this spring.

The women switched on to books by Harry Potter are shaping the literary world, according to new research, boosting the market in thrillers, adult colouring books and clean eating.

The causality of this claim is a little shaky, but there is no denying that female book buyers in the 25-34 range are a force.

After this issue was discussed at the RWA Board of Directors meeting in November 2015, RWA contacted Pocket via e-mail on November 19, 2015, stating: “We find your response [in the Spotlight] objectionable . . . Primarily, however, we are very disturbed that you indicated that Pocket does not acquire books by multicultural authors.” RWA requested that Pocket provide their current acquisitions policy.

Pressure to see books from a range of different identities is now coming from all sides.

Now her U.S. publisher Europa has announced on Twitter that a children’s book spinning off her earlier novel The Lost Daughter (separate and not to be confused with The Story of the Lost Child). Narrated by the doll from The Lost Daughter, the children’s book will be called The Beach At Night.

Narrated by a doll. Not at all creepy.

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