14 Innovative Ideas for Your Home Library: Today in Critical Linking

This may be the digital age when everything has gone paperless and people digest literature through tablet readers and audiobooks, yet the love affair with a beautifully or cleverly integrated bookcase continues to endure in design, today. Here are some recent projects that have titillated us with their solutions — and product suggestions for creating your own.

Never been a huge fan of the dark, musty vibe for home libraries, so these 14 Innovative Ideas for Your Home Library are right up my alley.

With Grand Central Publishing’s mass market paperback edition of To Kill a Mockingbird set to go out of print next month, HarperCollins is introducing a special price offer for schools on its trade paperback edition.

Weirdly sad to see that little lavender mass market edition go away.

Regular e-book readers might not realize that digital retailers are recording and storing the data. A few years ago, California instituted the “reader privacy act,” which made it harder for law enforcement agencies to collect information on consumers’ digital reading records from e-book retailers. But most other states have not taken such steps.

Do you know which of your ereading services/retailers are tracking your reading? I don’t.

The Censorship of Publications Board put a prohibition order on all editions of ‘The Raped Little Runaway’, written by Jean Martin. The order applies to to all editions of the book by any publisher. The book was brought to the attention of the board who banned it because it contains numerous explicit descriptions of the rape of a child.

So basically they are saying this amount to child pornography, and you don’t get to do that: first time in 18 years that Ireland has banned a book.

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