Book Fetish: Volume 197

All through March, we’re giving away digital copies of our book, Start Here: Reading Your Way Into 25 Amazing Authors) Go here to get your copy (or just click the image below):

start here giveaway


Fitzgerald is My Homeboy Tote: You can pretend this tote is about F. Scott all you want. But Zelda is my homeboy.

fitzgerald homeboy tote

Watercolor Tardis Print: Standard issue blue is way too boring for the Doctor’s adventures. At heart, he’s rocking a multicolored paint job like this.

watercolor tardis doctor who print

Typographic Chairs: I want one in every letter. (Or maybe READ for a library nook…).


Believe in My Shelf Shirt: What’s wrong with being confident? (Demi Lovato knows.)

I believe in my shelf pullover

Oscar Wilde Quote Notebook: Oscar knows about confidence too. This journal is the best place to keep track of your genius ideas.

oscar wilde genius notebook

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