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Awwww: The Cutest Author Pets on Instagram, Part 2

Being a reader in the 21st century is awesome for many reasons, like the fact that you can now interact directly with some of your favorite authors on social media. And one of the best parts of an author’s social media account is pictures of their pets, because cute animals pics is why the internet exists!

Brace yourself for gratuitous cuteness: Here are some of my favorite author pets on Instagram. I have a lot of favorites, that’s why this is part 2. You can check out part 1 here! And we’d love to hear about your favorite author pets in the comments.

One of these is a total asshole.

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My dog feels the same as I do about getting out of bed in the morning.

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The cat's new attention-getting method when I'm working. I call it death from below.

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it me

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The more gray the filter, the more this looks like a horror movie

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The lords of the manor. #oscarandhugo

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Goddamn Dog™ killing that moose. Moose was disrespectful, had it coming.

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Hiding or sleeping or both.

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Same spot every day

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"This is OUR couch!" "Yeaaaah!" #rescuedogsofinstagram #couchpotatoes

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Curled up tight.

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And here’s Sid Attenberg again, because I can’t get enough Sid pics:

The perfect sprawl.

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(I also have adorable animals – you can find them on Instagram, too.)