10 Luxurious Pens That Will Inspire Your Creativity

Need some creative inspiration? Try writing with one of these elegant pens.

1. Porcupine Quill Pen | Saber Shores

This charmer has an otherworldly feel to it that I just love. It looks like something out of a fairy tale.

2. Indian Ebony Fountain Pen | La Plume de Bois

This pen says, “I’m the boss.” Rule your office with this power statement.

3. Japanese Brush Pen | Cherry Craft

This bamboo pen has good flow and a lovely organic feel.

4. Pelikan Fountain PenMighty Paper Shop

This ergonomic piece has a clean, modern vibe with just a touch of whimsey.

5. Bolt Action Steampunk Pen | Bourbon & Boots

These handcrafted pieces are perfect for fans of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and anyone with a Victorian industrial aesthetic.

6. Oblique Pen Holder | Unique Obliques

My personal favorite, this gorgeous handcrafted pen holder has curves like Salma Hayek and legs that go on for miles.

Here are a couple more by the same artist.


7. Italian Ball Point Pen | Grifos Pens

This gorgeous ballpoint reminds me of the recent art deco covers for the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. This seems like the sort of pen Daisy Buchanan would use.

8. Victorian Fountain Pen | Provincial Mills

This Victorian-inspired piece has heft and intricacy reminiscent of those old Victorian mansions you see in films.

9. Soviet Rocket Pen | Soviet Era

This vintage fountain pen is more suited for decoration than heavy use, but it will add a lot to your writing desk. The pen was designed to celebrate the 1959 Soviet space mission, Luna 2.

10. Celtic Knot Pen | thiswoodsforyou

And lastly, this cinched celtic knot pen features an array of beautiful wood tones.

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