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Awwww: The Cutest Author Pets on Instagram, Part 1

Being a reader in the 21st century is awesome for many reasons, like the fact that you can now interact directly with some of your favorite authors on social media. And one of the best parts of an author’s social media account is pictures of their pets, because cute animals pics is why the internet exists!

Brace yourself for gratuitous cuteness: Here are some of my favorite author pets on Instagram. I have a lot of favorites, so stay tuned for part 2! In the meantime, tell us in the comments about your favorite author pets.


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Sid Attenberg is my favorite Instagram pet.

Laundry kitteh.

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The whole squad. Happy #NationalLoveYourPetDay!

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(Eric Smith is also a fellow Rioter!)


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(Ramona and Gomez belong to Kate Racculia.)

#workingathome with my #catsistant Junebug. #writing #catsofinstagram

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How can you look so good and feel so sad?

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Georgia, in her fancy coat, with an empty flute of champagne.

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How can something so cute and small be so evil?

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Why can't it be Christmas every day?

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She loves a box.#olivecat

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:::::SHATTER ME series cheat sheet*::::: SM: crazy writing=crazy juliette UM: erratic writing=evolving juliette IM: steady writing=strong juliette >> the writing in these books evolves as she does; by the end of the series the strikethroughs are gone. she finds her strength. her voice. >> i get these questions a lot, so i wanted to clarify: the prose in the SM series is, at all times, a visual representation of the chaos (or lack thereof) in her mind. >> as she becomes a more stable, steady young woman, the writing becomes calmer, more regulated–more normal. her head becomes a safe space. >> i love you guys for taking a leap with her in these books. writing a series like this was a huge, complicated risk, and so many of you just *got it*. i'm so grateful! ☺️? (*i posted this on twitter so i thought i'd post it here, too!)

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Ferris Mewler's chew toy. He's super fucking punk rock. For a cat. With a chew toy.

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Tux and Bobo sharing garden time.

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Saturday hound

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Lula. Note this is a yawn, not a growl. @vtpets @cats_of_instagram Good-night.

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Felix begins his writing day with a half-sweet nonfat dachshund latte.

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(I also have adorable animals – you can find them on Instagram, too.)

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