The “Harry Potter” Effect on Length of Books for Kids and More Critical Linking

It’s not just your imagination—kids’ books are getting longer and longer. Booklist’s Briana Shemroske surveyed middle-grade books (aimed at grades three-eight) and found their average page length was 290 in January 2016, up 115 percent from 2006—and up a staggering 173 percent from 1976.

Shemroske did this research in response to an equally staggering survey last December, which found that all books, aimed at any readership, were increasing their average length by 80 pages per year.

Kids books are getting longer, and there are numbers to prove itHarry Potter has impacted so much.


When Sir Ernest Shackleton set off for Antarctica on his ship Endurance, he made sure he had plenty of reading material. But details of precisely what books he took have remained hidden in this photograph – until now.

I can never get enough of looking at what books are/were on other people’s book shelves. This is neat.


Though women in historical romances tend to abide by the social mores and rules that govern their societies, they can also be very anachronistic. Whether Victorian England, the wilds of the American Frontier, or the banks of the Nile River, there are always rule breakers—women who decree that they will do what they want to do, society be damned! In this list, we look at these women who buck tradition and take jobs outside their homes, jobs that are not 100 percent suited for genteel ladies. For some characters, pursuing work comes from necessity—they have to find a way to support themselves or their families—others want something to do other than live a life of changing diapers and doing needlework. In celebration of Women’s History Month we celebrate these women who found a way to have a career and romance, too.

Women in historical romances who “had it all.”


But today, my friends, I present to you the official cake to end all cakes: this Harry Potter wedding cake from NFL player Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This past weekend he married Ashli Evans, and the two of them commissioned a cake that will make you lose your Muggle mind.

There is so much good here, I don’t know where to begin.

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