Literary-Themed Goodies For Your Kitchen

Rows of bookshelves in your living room and piles of novels on your bedside and coffee tables not enough to properly express your love of books? Time to move into new territory and bookify your kitchen. That awesome place you go to prepare taco meat or bake cookies can definitely stand for a bit more book love. Take from this as little or as much as your bookish heart pleases.

Let’s start with the always important food prep. You’ll need a cutting board with some inspiring words from the Bard:

And somewhere to put your spices. Well, some of them, anyway. This would be a fantastic spice rack centerpiece:

You’ll also probably need some measuring cups at some point:

And kitchen towels with an important reminder:

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to store your cookies later. What can be safer than a dragon’s egg?:

Just don’t forget the wine! A key ingredient for book clubs and friend/family dinners alike, now enhanced by bookish wine charms:

Now it’s time to set the table. You might need a tablecloth:

Or perhaps a bookish table runner if that is more your style:

Keep it classy with Jane Austen Coasters, because we must avoid unseemly wet rings:

Awesome manga plates to really make a statement on the dinner table:

And the ever-important utensils, all wobbly like you might find in Wonderland:

What other kitchen essentials can we bookify? Feel free to share more goods in the comments!

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