6 Scientific Reasons Reading is Good for You: Today in Critical Linking

A growing body of research finds that reading books has a range of health benefits, from improved brain function to better coping skills.

We sort of already know this, but to have these 6 Scientific Reasons Reading is Good For You all in one place is super useful.

And although Barnes & Noble still plans to close about eight stores this fiscal year, that’s not such bad news: It’s the lowest number of store closings in 16 years.

Things are not wine and roses at B&N these days, but it looks like the worst days are over.

As well as the paperback edition (£12.99), S&S has printed a limited edition hardback for Waterstones [pictured], with a cover cloth and gold foil (£16.99). It includes extra content, written by Clare, and has already sold out on pre-order.

Cassandra Clare’s fans get a chance to have a super-premium edition of something they love. I’ve been saying that this is something that more publishers should do.

Australian writer Helen Garner first learned she was the recipient of a US$150,000 (A$207,633) literary prize after reading an email in her junk folder.

Garner told the Sydney Morning Herald that when she read the email sent from someone at Yale University who had “good news” and wanted her phone number, she thought it was a hoax.

Incredible story. Also, I suddenly don’t feel so bad for not always passing those captcha prove-you’re-a-human boxes.