5 Self-Help Books That Are Actually Helpful: Today in Critical Linking

But that’s kind of a shame, because truly and honestly, not all books found in the self-help section are like that. Add these five to your bookshelf and we bet you’ll find yourself happier, more productive and not the least bit icked out.

I’ve been on what might be called a self-improvement reading kick, and sometimes it can be hard to sort the useful from the fluff. This list of 5 Self-Help Books That Are Actually Helpful hits just the right note.


Deadwood, American Horror Story and upcoming Game of Thrones star Ian McShane has booked the key role in Starz’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel American Gods, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

You know, Ian McShane was due for a big nerd culture role. And boy did he get it.

After all, Verve Search began their research with the year 1999, not even one full year after the birth of The Boy Who Lived. My own, smaller survey, flares in the aftermath of HP’s release, too, with the average page length increasing by approximately 60% between January 2006 and January 2016.

The lengthening of middle grade books is more about the move toward more fantasy than anything else.

I was off to check out some books that had been locked away, unseen, for nearly fifty years. The caretaker in charge was sick on Monday, but I was able to see them yesterday afternoon.

Here’s a quick recap of the experience, a chance for you all to walk in my shoes for the day.

Because I am nosy.

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