16 Hilarious Library Signs: Today in Critical Linking

One of the things we love most about libraries is that they get creative in quirky ways. In honor of Library Lovers’ Month, here are 16 libraries that decided to think outside the box and appeal to their book lovers with unique and hilarious signs.

These 16 Hilarious Library Signs are indeed hilarious.


The micro-book consists of several pages, each measuring only very tiny fractions of a millimeter: the precise size of the pages is 70 by 90 micrometers or 0.07 by 0.09 millimeters — too small to be read by the naked human eye. Made by gluing white paint to extremely thin film, the pages are hung from a tiny ring binder that allows them to be turned. The whole construction rests on a horizontal sliver of a poppy seed.

This appears to be the new record-holder for the world’s smallest book.

Having failed in its bid to buy the Perseus Book Group in 2014, Hachette Book Group announced Tuesday afternoon that it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the company’s publishing division.

The Big 5 publishers just keep getting bigger.

Author Toni Morrison will be awarded the PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction. She was selected by a panel of judges which included the previous recipient Louise Erdrich.

Wait, there are awards left for Toni Morrison to win?

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