The 8 Oddest Book Titles of 2016: Today in Critical Linking

The Bookseller awards its annual Diagram Prize to the most surreal titles published in the past twelve months. The winner is chosen by public vote from seven nominees, with the 2016 shortlist dubbed “one of the strongest in living memory”.

Really any of these 8 Finalists for Oddest Book Title of 2016 are worthy, but there is one that is especially cheeky.


Is it really for the benefit of the comic to do this? Or is it just a way to keep up sales numbers? Longtime cape-and-cowl readers are used to this constantly-rotating cast of creators on their books, but for series aimed at newer audiences, this change can be confusing. Ms. Marvel has used a host of different artists for its entire run(s), but it’s still always a bit of a jolt.

I am a semi-casual comic book reader and having a random different art style in the middle of a run always makes me feel like I am reading a different series somehow.

John Doyle, the new artistic director of off-Broadway’s Classic Stage Company, is seizing the day by lining up the world-premiere theatrical adaptation of Dead Poets Society. The nonmusical play was written by Tom Schulman, adapted from his Oscar-winning screenplay.

This is going to open in October in New York! (Just in time for Book Riot Live….)

So even now I have no idea why I went. Why I took that high-speed train past the sheep farms and the French countryside, past the brick villages and stone aqueducts, until the green hills faded and grew into Marseille’s tall, dusky pink apartments and the bucolic steppes gave way to blue water where yachts and topless women with leather for skin were parked on the beaches.

This long piece on visiting James Baldwin’s home in France is worth your time.

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