The 11 Best Bookstores Around The World and More Critical Linking


Is there a book shop in the world with a more picturesque view than this? I think not. Kalk Bay books is a small but tightly curated collection of quality literature both local and international. Books are first-hand.

The building was designed in 1913 by John Parker. Have a rest on a leather sofa or climb the staircase to the small landing to peruse more finds. You may even catch a concert here in the evenings. This is your best bet for picking up an international literary magazine.

124 Main Rd, Kalk Bay, Cape Town
These amazing bookstores around the world include some old favorites and some that are new to me. All are gorgeous.



While beer belly had been around since 1942, we first saw the beer gut in 1976.


We got a new cosmetic problem to worry about when the term spider veins was coined 40 years ago for tiny, broken, superficial blood vessels.

I love this little look into the words that were culturally important enough to be used in our everyday language…in 1976.


A portable library from the Seaman’s Bethel containing books from the American Seamen’s Friend Society, found from the wreckage of a schooner that sank in 1914, similar to libraries circulated among lighthouses (Photo: Bonnie Sandy/Martha’s Vineyard Museum) 

As with everything at the lighthouse, keeping these books in good condition was serious business. Arnold B, Johnson writes in his 1885 article Lighthouse Libraries that each book case had a list of the case’s contents on the inside door; retrieving a book from the mini library entailed recording your name and the date you removed a book from the case, which was “examined by the Lighthouse Inspector on his quarterly round, and its condition is reported.”

Any lost or “injured” book had to be replaced, not least of all because of how many people lived in these lighthouses; children were often born in the lighthouse, growing up beneath its far-flung glow. “There are now about 350 such libraries in use, and as each lighthouse has an average of five readers,” writes Johnson somberly, “…it can be readily seen how many people are affected.”

This long read about lighthouse libraries is totally fascinating. I’d love someone to write a time traveling or historical romance with traveling lighthouse libraries being a source of a burgeoning passion.


Taking part in social activities such as book clubs or church groups after retirement makes people live longer and appears to be as important to health as exercise, according to new research.

Book clubs are healthy, says science!

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