The 30 Best Books of Spring 2016: Today in Critical Linking

Best Books of Spring

Time to get excited about the spring book season, and this list of the best of the bunch is worth checking out.

She told me that one night, while closing the store with a fellow employee, she saw a dark figure in a back hallway of the store, going into the kitchen. She and the coworker followed the figure back. Then, she says she realized the back kitchen stove was on, as well as the fan.

The oldest bookstore in America is also….haunted.

Open eBooks is an app containing thousands of popular and award-winning titles that are free for children from low-income households. These eBooks can be read without checkouts or holds. Children from low-income families can access these eBooks, which include some of the most popular works of the present and past, using the Open eBooks app and read as many as they like without incurring any costs. The goal of Open eBooks is to encourage a love of reading and serve as a gateway to children reading even more often, whether in school, at libraries, or through other eBook reading apps.

Essentially, this is food stamps for books. Brilliant.

In a conference call talking about second quarter results, Barnes & Noble CEO Ron Boire said that the nation’s largest bookselling chain was working on a new prototype store.

Perhaps a new, sleeker, more intimate line of bookstores for B & N?

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