Book Fetish: Volume 195

This installment is sponsored by the Book Riot Store. Tote (heh) your stuff around in bookish style: get any literary pouch + tote for $25 or less.



The Grim Mug: Cast a protection spell (maybe Protego Maxima) just in case the grim is actually coming for you.

the grim mug

Penguin Classics Earrings: Not for your average book lover, these book stack earrings are for the true believer.

penguin black cover book stack earrings

Anne of Green Gables Scarf: Massive and wispy, a bookish scarf you can wrap yourself in completely is the best accessory.

Anne of Green Gables Book Scarf

Little Women Book Print: Let’s be real, we’re all a little Jo March.

she is too fond of books Little Women print

House of Leaves Hoodie: When you put it on you might not find your way out again.

Danielewski House of Leaves hoodie

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