Off-Panel: 11 Comics That Would Make Great R-Rated Movies

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Nimona has been nominated for a Nebula Award! The Panels backchannel could not be any more excited if it tried. All the SQUEE.

“Sherlock” fans eagerly awaiting the new season of the hit BBC show next year can at least keep their sleuthing skills intact with an upcoming release of the Japanese manga comic series “Sherlock: A Study In Pink.”

This Titan Comics import of the popular Japanese Sherlock adaptation is incredibly relevant to my interests.

Two weeks into January 2015, Milestone 2.0 was announced and I saw on Twitter several people, they could have been trolls… but who knows, and they questioned whether or not there were black superheroes. The fact that these people never heard of Vixen, Storm, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Mr. Terrific, Misty Knight, etc was a bit alarming to me. Then it dawned on me if they didn’t know the superheroes, they probably didn’t know black comic creators existed. And just like that, BlackComicsMonth was born.

This interview with MizCaramelVixen about the important #BlackComicsMonth movement is such a great read.

If you are a creator – a writer, an artist, both – the legends of yesteryear have done their work. For decades now, we’ve all been standing on the shoulders of giants. It’s time to stop. Let them have their rest. Now is the time to create new characters, to explore new worlds, to tell new stories. Our industry – our medium – has a long and magnificent history, but the past isn’t going anywhere. The future is an open road.

IMAGE publisher Eric Stephenson dropping some industry truth-bombs at ComicsPRO.

Given certain IPs’ successes with audiences of all ages, you certainly shouldn’t expect an R-rated AvengersSpider-Man, or even Batman. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of popular comics characters who could draw big numbers at the box office.

In the wake of Deadpool‘s success, Bustle gives us 11 comics that would make great R-rated movies.

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