19 Body-Positive Books: Today in Critical Linking

Read your way to self-love and body confidence, one book at a time.

Lists like this one of 19 Body-Positive Books are the best counter to the idea that listicles are pointless.


And so begins “The Tumor,” one of the stranger literary digressions in recent memory. Against the wishes of his agent, editor and publisher, the author famous for (and rich from) legal thrillers, from “The Firm” to “The Rogue Lawyer,” just published a free book whose hero is a medical device called focused ultrasound.

Grisham using a free novella to promote the use of a medical technology is not something I would have guessed.


Anthony, who did not want his last named used, stalled the men by sending them up to the fourth-floor rare books section, while he called police. When officers arrived, one of the men escaped through a back door, but Anderson ran out through the front, where he was caught and arrested, Wong said.

A thwarted rare-books heist. 


The American Booksellers Association welcomed 60 new indie bookstores opening for business in 2015 in 31 states and the District of Columbia. The new stores include a children’s bookstore, a cookbook shop and café, and 16 branches or satellites of existing businesses. 

I wish they would also report on how many closed, but 60 seems like a strong number.

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