Critical Linking: February 20, 2016

Amy Adams is keen on Sharp Objects.

Really excellent casting.


Multiple bidders — including Showtime, Netflix and others — are in talks for a big commitment to a limited series starring Daniel Craig in an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s novel Purity, to be produced by Scott Rudin and written by Todd Field and Franzen.



Honoré de Balzac cranked out 50+ novels in 20 years and died at 51. The cause? Too much work and caffeine. How much coffee? Up to 50 cups per day, they say.

Paul Giamatti as coffee-swilling Balzac? Yes.


According to results published this week in BMJ Open, a UK medical journal, people enjoy healthier lives if they maintain social bonds after they retire. Something like a book club, where you regularly meet friends and chat, can significantly reduce your risk of death in the first six years post-retirement.

Book clubs help you live longer! Sort of!

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