11 Ridiculously Overdue Library Books That Were Eventually Returned: Today in Critical Linking

“Sorry I’ve kept this book so long, but I’m a really slow reader! I’ve enclosed my fine of $299.30 (41 years, 2 cents a day). Once again, my apologies!”

This list of 11 Ridiculously Overdue Library Books That Were Eventually Returned is fascinating, but I cannot tell a lie–the #1 spot is the best.


There is one noticeable gender-specific difference in reading across most books, however, which is well-illustrated in the above example: men decide much faster than women do if they like a book or not. The initial decline during which most readers are lost is much sharper and earlier for men than it is for women, and this is a behavior that we observe for the majority of books (the above title also loses readers in the middle of the book, which is a rather rare occurrence).

I don’t know why, but I am not surprised that men give up on books faster.


But the Goodman adapters understood what makes 2666 the greatest novel of the 21st century thus far. They wrote a play for people like themselves and people like Bolaño, people who are curious and tenacious enough to read Don Quixote all the way to the end, people who don’t expect art to hand-feed them. 

So it sounds like the stage adaptation of 2666 was about as good as could be hoped for.


Three-and-a-half years later, the book club lives on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Welch and fans have read 18 books together, ranging from John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces to Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids, and have taken part in projects like a bookmark design competition judged by the musician. “So shall we do this poetry thing, then?” asked Welch on a post inviting followers to read young LA poet Mira Gonzalez alongside Ted Hughes. “Honored to be the current subject of @betweentwobooks … Maybe I should join the club once it’s a book I haven’t already read:) Hello kids!” Instagrammed Lena Dunham when her memoir was the book of choice.

Florence, of Florence and the Machine, has inspired an Instagram-based book club.