10 Books by Black Authors Destined to Become Classics: Today in Critical Linking

These books are must-reads because each title, in its own unique and unforgettable way, taps into and shapes the themes, genres and subjects defining our cultural conversation.

We’re calling it now — these 10 contemporary black books will be the classics of the future.

This list of 10 contemporary books by black authors that will be classics reminds me yet again what a wealth of talented black authors are working today.


Whatever the plot, these stories frequently denounce child marriage, sex trafficking, and slavery in all its forms. They are often handwritten, transcribed onto a computer, self-published and sold in markets throughout the Sahel region of Africa. The women who write them brave censorship and become leaders of their community, working within the bounds of society even as they shape it.

Is this the most amazing book-related story I have ever read? It just might be.


What if we could take the best of the Kickstarter model, mix it up with the “digital first” concept, and throw in a dash of the old school comics subscription? In other words, a digital-plus-trade subscription.

Digital/print bundling is even more urgent in comics than in the wider publishing world.


The library hours are from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Sunday. It wasn’t much after 11 when we got on the water, but the Floating Library was already crowded with patrons.

I guess you go where people are, and some of them are in water.

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