A Fascinating Strategy to Read More Books: Today in Critical Linking

He developed his strategy, which he applies only to nonfiction books, with the help from the late Michael Jimenez, a professor of Latin American history. It’s pretty simple: you don’t have to read the whole book. But you need to actively read some of it, taking notes along the way on key points, and potential questions.

This strategy to help you read more books, isn’t really about reading more pages, but about getting the most out of more books.


“Slower than expected growth in English language e-book markets has resulted in an adjustment to Kobo’s long-term value. Rakuten’s commitment to the e-book market and its confidence in the mid-term outlook is evident in the purchase of OverDrive and continuing investments in Kobo’s global growth”.

Shorter version: Kobo is struggling. Bad.


Two poems by JRR Tolkien, in which The Lord of the Rings author writes variously of “a man who dwelt alone/beneath the moon in shadow”, and of the “lord of snows”, have been discovered in a school magazine in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Seriously, this flood of rediscovered works needs to stop.

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