50 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Reading: Today in Critical Linking


The first step is admitting you have a problem, and I admit — I have an addiction to reading. So using my own personal experiences, and asking a few other fellow addicts, I’ve compiled 50 signs that your love of books may have gotten out of hand.

Not gonna lie. A whole bunch of these 50 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading are awfully familiar.


In the fall my students learned about the diversity gap in children’s literature. When the December Scholastic Book Club catalog arrived, we decided to count the number of books featuring people of color. Out of more than 100 books we counted about 7 that had people of color.

Good to remember that this affects real kids.


The novel is an 18th-century saga, the tale of a noble family that falls from grace. It is full of incredible detail of the social, cultural and spiritual life of the time. Chairman Mao claimed to have read it five times – and thought everyone else should too. Today, everyone in China knows it, partly due to the much-loved 1987 TV version, which had the impact of the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice in the UK.

Dream of Red Chamber is thought by many to be the greatest Chinese novel, but have you heard of it?


Hachette UK saw overall sales fall by 6.7% in the fourth quarter of the year due to lower e-book sales, with its parent company Lagardere Publishing saying that “market trends have reversed in the US and the UK”.

Some are cheering the decline in ebook sales, but there is a downside too.

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