10 Signs You’re In A Reading Slump

Reading slumps can be sneaky. You can be rolling along and not even necessarily noticing that you’re reading less and less until, BAM–you’re in a slump. Don’t worry, though. I have compiled a list of warning signs to watch for.

1. Your Netflix queue is on the verge of being empty.

New Girl gif - fine to watch TV all day

New Girl, FOX

When I’m in full-on read mode, I don’t watch a huge amount of TV. As a result, all of my queues pile up–Netflix, Hulu, and if I had DVR, it’d be full. When I catch myself actively looking for a new thing to watch, I know I haven’t been reading lately.

2. The pile of books on your nightstand (and end table and coffee table and) has actually gathered a bit of dust.

for shame Community

Community, NBC

A rolling stone gathers no moss; a read book gathers no dust. Or less dust. Books are kind of dust-magnets so they’re going to gather some dust by default.

3. Or worse–you have NO books on your nightstand (or nothing new on your e-reader).

scream queens

Scream Queens, FOX

This is a grave oversight, surely.

4. Both the library and the bookstore have called to make sure you’re not dead.

High and Low Kurosawa - concerned phone call

High and Low, Akira Kurosawa


5. Your house is cleaner than it has been in months.

Spiderman fuck you dust

I’m not saying you’re dirty, I’m just saying that reading > cleaning forever.

6. You haven’t had to buy a new bookshelf in awhile.

Jenna from Awkward shocked gif

Awkward, MTV

What is this world coming to? You basically used to have bookshelves on autoship.

7. You have a tan from all of the fun outdoors activities you’ve been doing.

tanning Bengals

via Nationwide.com

That healthy glow you’re radiating has nothing to do with the warm feeling of finishing a book and that is troubling.

8. When someone asks what you’ve been reading lately, you blank out.

my whole brain is crying Community

Community, NBC

And then panic, obviously, because this should be an easy question.

9. You realize that you’re bored.

daria eating pizza

Daria, MTV

What even is this feeling? THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

10. You have extra money in your bank account.

Sarah's Scribbles: how I spend money, Sarah Andersen

Sarah’s Scribbles, by Sarah Andersen

This should be a good thing, but it just feels wrong somehow.

What tips you off that you’re in a reading slump? Are you in one right now and didn’t even know it? Let me know in the comments.

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