Book Fetish: Volume 193

This installment of Book Fetish is sponsored by the Book Riot Store. Treat the book lovers you love to our exclusive Read To Me shirt! Order by 2/7 to receive in time for Valentine’s Day (in the U.S.).


Fingerprint Bookmark Band: Find your exact spot on a page, with a whimsically handy bookmark (pun intended) designed to fit whatever size book you happen to be reading.


Varsity Reading Team Mug: All we do is win.

varsity reading team mug

Hamlet Leggings: The tragedy of Hamlet on your thighs. Maybe not a good piece of clothing when you’ve got an exam on the play, but otherwise, be true to thine self.


Library Tonics: Create a truly immersive reading experience with a selection of fragrances designed to simulate (and stimulate) your literary senses. Pick from A Literary Lark, Mouldering Cabin, O, Dystopia! or Untamed Woods or get a collection of all four.

Library Tonics

R.E.A.D. Shirt: Do your part for the youth of America in the war on bad grammar.

R.E.A.D. shirt

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