5 Writers to Watch in 2016: Today in Critical Linking



Rather than just focusing on prize winners or Don Delilio releasing his new novel, we thought we’d bring you an alternative. Have no fear, because here are 5 writers who are going to achieve great things in 2016. Check them out and then make that to-be-read shelf even bigger.

Very into this list of 5 writers to watch in 2016.


“The absolute record in terms of multifractality turned out to be Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce. The results of our analysis of this text are virtually indistinguishable from ideal, purely mathematical multifractals,” says Prof. Drozdz.

This is also confirmed by anyone who has ever read the first four pages of Finnegan’s Wake.


To be a real romantic hero, he has to change. He can change however he likes, but it helps if it’s because of love. But the reality is this: He never changes. He leaves her and only returns because he is kind of shamed into it. Because he knows he did wrong. He’s ashamed of himself. And he knows he can’t really live up to his ONE JOB, which is being Leia’s partner in all this horrible stuff.

Why Han Solo could never be the lead of a romance novel.


The Harry Potter Collector’s iPod was originally released in 2005, as a 4th-generation iPod with color display to mark the release of the debut of Harry Potter audiobooks on iTunes.

Whoa. I had never heard of this.

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