Off-Panel: The Best LGBT Comics You Missed in 2015

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The Massive Online Open Course in comics, a first for CCA, will be entitled “Comics: Art in Relationships.” It offers five sessions with instructor Matt Silady (who is both the chair of the MFA Program in Comics, as well as an Associate Professor in the Writing and Literature Program) and is aimed at both beginner and experienced artists.

California College of the Arts is offering a free course for people who want to be comics artists! Get clicking.

And if my little comic can bring some small measure of comfort and pleasure to those who’ve felt marginalized by their faith because of their sexuality then I’ve hit a touchdown.

Meet the world’s first gay, Mormon superhero.

Angoulême has really jumped the shark this year. Not content with showing a medieval level knowledge of art and comics history by claiming that there were no significant women in the history of comics, the Festival has outraged everyone with what, from Google translate and the flood of legit outrage on my social media, was a humiliating stunt worthy of high school bullies.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m done with Angoulême. This is not how a leading comics luminary behaves; these are the pathetic whimpers of a dinosaur’s dying breath.

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t experienced prejudice because of our gender, whether it’s whispers or more up front, like getting harassed on social media or, as is often the case, at conventions.

This is a great interview with Canadian comics publisher Hope Nicholson about her new The Secret Loves of Geek Girls.

The world of queer or queer-inclusive graphic novels expanded last year too, with entries from cultural perspectives, overtly sexual fat Japanese men, and new installments by favorite creators. Here’s the run down on the top graphic works you missed in 2015.

Advocate offers up the best LGBT comics you might have missed in 2015.

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